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We enjoy Cool Cars, Great Friends & Good Times!
Lotsa Cruising, Community Support & Fun.
That pretty much sums up the Cruzers!


If you're looking for an ACTIVE Club you're at the right place

The Southern Cruzers Car Club membership comes mainly from the southern suburbs of Mpls & St. Paul. For the last few years we've averaged around 100 memberships (which is approx 190 people) The Club is made up of people of all ages, with cars of all makes, models & years. All the Members have at least one of the following things in common: they enjoy cool cars, fun times, good food, great friends, and doing things to give something back to the community.

Our club was honored to be chosen the 2006 AND 2009 winner of the Eagle One "Golden Rule Award" for the Midwest region. We are the only Midwest Club to win the award twice! It reinforces our committment to help those that are less fortunate than we are.

Our Club gives back to the Community in many ways, including giving to Charities & Scholarship Funds. Since the first Summer Spectacular which started in 2005, we've donated $119,000+ to charities & scholarships from the Summer Spectacular Revenue. This is in addition to the free Club "mini" shows we do, usually only our Members cars.

We have done mini shows for Independent and Assisted Living facilities such as the Apple Valley Villa, The Rivers Care Facility, The Regent, the Lake Owasso Home, and the VA Home in Hastings. I gotta tell ya', the residents at these facilities REALLY get a kick out of the cars, and some of the folks will tell you some interesting stories about what went on in their cars "back in the day"!

For 20 years, thru 2008, our Club had annually hosted the Lakeville Pan-O-Prog Friday Night Cruise. We had built it up to the point where there were 400 -550 cars coming, (and that was with a 1979 & older limit) with our record being 609 one year. Unfortunately, the Lakeville POP Committee chose to make it a button event in 2009 and because of the financial factors & risk involved, we were forced to withdraw from running it as we were not prepared to take a financial risk that large, as we received no financial support from POP or the City.

Our Car Show, The Summer Spectacular, is a Car Show/Craft Fair/Swap Meet, at the Dakota County Fairgrounds in August. It's way more than just a Car Show, it is an EVENT. Some have likened it to a mini BTTF's. With 300+ cars, approx. 80 Craft/Business Expo booths, a good group of Swappers, entertainment like Quality Sounds, Bob & the Beachcombers, Chopper, the World's Wackiest DJ, Blue Grass Bands, great food, not just burgers or hotdogs, we also have Mexican food, Pronto Pups, Pork chops on a stick, Chicken items, Pizza, Cheese Curds, Mini Donuts, Ice Cream, Popcorn and more!! The Summer Spectacular has become the largest Show south of the river, and we are pleased to donate profits to charities & scholarships.

We are very proud of our Show, and grateful for the participation and the ongoing generosity of our Sponsors, as well as the efforts of all our members that volunteer to work this event, and of course to all the folks who attend & participate in the event because without the attendees there is no event.

We always have time for fun, and we like to just drive the cars. We have a Club Meeting every month. We also have a monthly "Cruzer Night Out", where we meet at a set location and then cruise to a restaurant to eat. We continue this in the winter, but with our "grocery getters" obviously. Many times members meet up on weekends to cruise to car shows together, & then sometimes we just get together at places like Hastings, Anoka or N. St. Paul to attend their cruise-ins.

We also usually have members that will organize a spring cruise, a fall cruise, a summer picnic and a annual banquet for our club members. The spring/fall cruises usually last a whole afternoon (and often into the evening) and run on country roads passing through lots of small towns, giving us the chance to eat, shop, and chat with people that gather to look at our "rolling car show". The picnic is a great time, and the banquet is a meal and entertainment of some sort.

Our main goal is to just have fun with our cars and our friends, and we always welcome the opportunity to make new friends, and welcome new members
We are always looking for new members, BUT, we have a list of stringent requirements, and you must MEET AT LEAST ONE of the requirements to become a member (& the more the better), and the list is:
  • You must enjoy cool cars
  • You must enjoy good food
  • You must enjoy good friends
  • You must enjoy going to car shows
  • You must enjoy just crusin'
  • You must enjoy being involved (work our events)
Remember… If you DO NOT MEET at least one of the above requirements, we ask that you not apply for membership (kidding of course), BUT, if you DO MEET at least one, then just click on the "JOIN NOW" button, print the form, fill it out, stick in a check, and mail it, (or better yet bring it to the meeting or a cruise) and shazzam you're a SOUTHERN CRUZER!