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The Southern Cruzers Car Club was founded in 1981, and its members are primarily from the southern suburbs of Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN. The Club is made up of people of all ages, with cars of all makes, models and years. We are an active club that enjoys giving back to the community.

The Summer Spectacular is an annual Car Show and Swap Meet that we host each fall. It's way more than just a Car Show, it is an EVENT. In addition to the hundreds of cars on display, there is entertainment and great food. The Summer Spectacular has become the largest car show south of the river, and we are pleased to donate the profits from this event to local charities and scholarships.

We enjoy giving back to our community. Two ways that we give back are through charitable contributions to help those less fortunate than us and by staging mini-car shows for those at assisted living and care facilities.

We are an active club! Summer is our busiest time of year with weekly and monthly cruise-ins to local restaurants and car events. We also have a monthly club meeting and scheduled club gatherings and events for club members year-round.

We are grateful for our sponsors! It is because of our sponsors participation and ogoing generosity that makes so much of what we do possible! We highly recommend that you visit each of our sponsors, and let them know you found them on the Southern Cruzers website!

How do you become a member? It's easy! Go to the "Join Our Club" section below and click on the application button. You can also stop by and visit us at any of our events or contact us with any questions that you may have.

Our Show

35th Annual

Summer Spectacular

Top 20 Car Show

Sunday August 25, 2024

9 am - 2 pm

Buck Hill, 15400 Buck Hill Road, Burnsville, MN 55306

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Charity Event - Rain or Shine

All profits from The Summer Spectacular are donated to local charities and scholarships. Since 2005 the Southern Cruzers has donated in excess of $141,000. The below "Charities" section lists our most recent recipients.

Our Sponsors

Our 2024 Summer Spectacular Sponsors

When you visit our sponsors, let them know you found them on the Southern Cruzers website!

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Our Platinum Sponsor

Apple Auto Group is a dealership for the great lines of FORD, LINCOLN, CHEVROLET and BUICK as well as providing top of the line maintenence and repair services for ALL vehicles!!!

Mission: Our goal is to be an industry leader in providing unmatched quality automotive products and services. We will constantly strive to meet the changing needs of our customers. Our aim is to provide an atmosphere that encourages employee teamwork, integrity and excellence. Together we will set and continually improve sales, service and operational standards to ensure longterm market leadership and profitability. It is our mission to exceed our customers’ and employees’ expectations and maintain their loyalty for a lifetime.

Vision: To Be So Effective That We Are Able To Be Helpful To Others


The Southern Cruzers Car Club donates all profits from our annual car show, The Summer Spectacular, to local charities and scholarships. Since 2005 the Southern Cruzers has donated in excess of $135,000.

Join Our Club

The Southern Cruzers Car Club is a group of car enthusiasts that enjoy cars, fun, friendship, good food and giving back to the community. We invite you to submit an application as a new member or an existing member re-enrolling.
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Local Events

Cruzers Ladies Night Out See the latest Cruz News
or email for info
Cruzers Club Meeting 2nd Thur every month
7 - 8 p.m.
Apple Valley Legion, Post 1776
Eagan Applebee's Cruise Night Every Monday weather permitting
4 - 9 p.m.
1335 Town Centre Dr. Eagan
Savage Culvers Cruise Night Third Tuesday May - Sept
5 - 8 p.m.
Culvers in Savage
Buck Hill Weekly Wheels Every Wednesday May - Oct
5 - 8 p.m.
Buck Hill, Burnsville
Classic Car Roll In Tuesdays May 30 - Sept 19
5 - 8 p.m.
Henderson, MN
Legacy of Farmington
Senior Living
Wednesday June 12, 2024
11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
22300 Denmark Ave.
Farmington, MN
Boden Senior Living Wednesday June 19, 2024
11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
5399 155th St. West
Apple Valley, MN
Back To The 50's June 21 - 23 MN State Fairgrounds
Apple Valley Freedom Days
Classic Car Show
Friday June 28, 2024
5 - 9 p.m.
Apple Valley Legion, Post 1776
Apple Valley Village
Health Care Center
Friday July 19, 2024
2 - 4 p.m.
14650 Garrett Ave
Apple Valley, MN
Ebenezer Ridges Campus
Friday August 9, 2024
10 a.m. - 12 p.m.
13820 Community Drive
Burnsville, MN
9 Mile Creek
Senior Living
Wednesday August 21, 2024
11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
2301 Village Lane
Bloomington, MN
The Summer Spectacular Sunday August 25
10 a.m - 3 p.m.
Buck Hill, Burnsville

Committees and Board

2022 Cruzer of the Year

The Cruzer of the Year award is chosen by the Club President prior to our Annual Banquet. The award is based on a number of criteria including time volunteered and functions performed, that helps promote and strengthen the Club. For 2022, Mark P. was selected for the hundreds of hours spent getting the club website in shape and running well. Mark is shown receiving the award from President Duane B. at the January 2023 meeting.

2022 Board of Directors

2022 Summer Spectacular Committee

TSS Committee Members

2022 Southern Cruzers Coordinators

Members Vehicles

Click each for details

1929 Caddy - Dick and Eloda
1929 Chevy - Tom and Joan
1929 Chevy - Dick and Mary Ann
1929 Ford - Jerry and Mary
1929 Ford - Ron and Jean
1929 Ford - Virgil and Carol

Click each for details

1930 Ford - Carl and Sandra
1931 Ford - Mark
1932 Ford - Dick and Lois
1935 Olds - Nort and Mary Jo
1936 Ford - James and Judy
1936 Ford - Paul and Sue
1936 Olds - Nort and Mary Jo
1936 Pontiac - Tim and Sheryl
1938 Chevy - Duane and Rose
1938 Chevy - Paul and Anne
1938 Chevy - Ron and Connie
1939 Buick - Jim and Lee
1939 Ford - Denny and Renae

Click each for details

1940 Chevy - Tom
1940 Ford - Terry and Fran
1946 Chevy - Noel and Linda
1946 Chevy - Bob and Jeanne
1947 Ford - John and Dorothy
1947 Ford - Jerry
1948 Chevy - Mike and Eleanor

Click each for details

1950 Ford - Larry and Maggie
1950 Ford - John and Dorothy
1950 Mercury - Jim and Lee
1950 Olds - Craig
1951 Chevy - Tom and Kelley
1951 Chevy - Mike and Shirley Ann
1951 Ford - Steven and Patti
1951 Mercury - Bob and Jeanne
1953 GMC - Matt and Inga
1953 Olds - Bill and Carolyn
1955 Chevy - Ken
1955 Chevy - Chuck and Carol
1955 Chevy - Chell and Karen
1955 Chevy - Jan
1955 Ford - Tom
1956 Mercury - JT
1957 Chevy - Ron and Jean
1957 Chevy - Dick and Sandy
1957 Chevy - Karl and Diane
1957 Ford - Rick and Kim
1958 Plymouth - Keith and Sue
1958 Caddy - Gary
1959 Chevy - Ron and Laurie

Click each for details

1962 Chevy - John and Jeanine
1964 Chevy - Bill and Carolyn
1965 Chevy - Howard and LeAnne
1965 Volkswagon - Gil
1966 Chevy - Dave and Tammy
1966 Chevy - Roger
1966 Ford - Jerry and Vickie
1967 Buick - Tim and Sheryl
1967 Chevy - Kyle
1967 Dodge - Larry
1967 Pontiac - Greg and Darlene
1968 Chevy - Jim and Tami
1968 Plymouth - Jan
1969 Chevy - John and Jeanine

Click each for details

1970 Chevy - Gordon
1970 Pontiac - Tom
1973 Chevy - Chris
1973 Ford - Jim and Lee
1975 Ford - Chuck
1977 Chevy - Byron
1978 Volkswagen - Elaine
1984 Chevy - John and Karen
1994 Buick - Byron
1995 Ford - Greg and Darlene
1997 Chevy - Mike
2002 Chevy - Steven and Patti
2004 Chevy - Craig
2004 Chevy - Dick
2006 Chevy - Dick
2013 Chevy - Nick
2016 Jeep - Nick
2019 Chevy - Craig

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The Southern Cruzers Car Club is a group of car enthusiasts that enjoy cars, fun, friendship, good food and giving back to the community. We look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions that you may have.

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